All About Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction Picture.People who are slightly overweight and are wanting to remove some of their body fat now have a new option available to them. Laser liposuction is a relatively new procedure that has been performed for only the past few years, yet is becoming quite popular with patients looking to shed body fat.How Laser Liposuction Is Performed

During laser body sculpting, doctors use a laser to liquefy the body fat from targeted areas before removal. After the targeted fat is liquefied, it is drained and removed from the body using tiny incisions or gently suctioned away. The lasers used in this procedure are designed specifically to target only fat cells and will not damage muscles or nerve tissues. Laser liposuction is considered a minimally invasive procedure and is typically performed on an outpatient basis. Depending on how much fat is going to be removed, the patient will either be under local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia.

Laser Liposuction: What Makes A Good Candidate?

Many factors are considered when determining if a patient is a good candidate for laser liposuction or not. Laser liposuction seems to work best on patients who have mild to moderate amounts of excess body fat and skin laxity. For best results, a candidate should be 20 percent overweight or less. Laser liposuction is not a solution to obesity, and people who are highly obese are typically turned down for the procedure. Laser liposuction candidates need to be in good physical health. Candidates with good muscle tone seem to respond very well to the procedure. Laser liposuction can be used to remove fat from thighs, arms, abdomen, face, knees, and neck. Men that have excess breast tissue, or “man breasts,” benefit greatly from the laser liposuction procedure as well.

Advantages Of Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction has many advantages when compared to standard liposuction procedures. The biggest advantage is a quicker recovery time for patients; most are back to their normal daily activities in three days. Patients who opt for laser liposuction see results much sooner than with traditional liposuction. With laser liposuction in Vancouver WA, patients can see results in just a week, while traditional liposuction results can take four weeks to notice. There is also less bruising and scarring with laser liposuction. Research conducted on patients suggest that the laser liposuction procedure gives a better skin tightening effect than traditional liposuction.

Risks Associated With Laser Liposuction

Even though laser liposuction is considered a minimally invasive procedure, it is still a surgical procedure and carries many risks. Serious risks associated with laser liposuction are infection and complications from the anesthesia. Suffering burns from the laser is also a serious risk associated with the procedure. Blistering and irregularity in the skin contour are also known risks.

Before a person decides to undergo laser liposuction, they need to make sure the procedure is right for them in giving them the results they are hoping for. If they decided to go forward with the procedure, the next step is to find a board certified surgeon who is an expert in liposuction procedures, especially laser liposuction.

Search Engine Optimization Basics—SEO Habits That Kill Your Website

SEO ImageNeophyte optimizers believe that keywords and links are the soul of search engine optimization; thus, they bombard website contents with these elements. But sadly, they are wrong. It is the content that is always the heart and soul of SEO, and this has never changed. If you are wondering why your website is not ranking well on Google, chances are that you are optimizing the wrong way.

Below are the things most optimizers do that instantly kill websites. Read on. You might be doing the same things.

  1. Keyword stuffing. Over and over again, Google tells everyone that keyword stuffing is a no-no—that content should be the focus and not keywords or links. However, for an “unknown” reason, optimizers don’t follow them and continue with this bad habit of search engine optimization.

In fact, if you will read an article over-stuffed with one keyword, you yourself will not like reading it. You will think of it as an ugly, low-quality article. No one will enjoy reading the content even for a minute. So why bother wasting your time saturating your web content with a single keyword?

Take it from Google and Google’s master of search spam, Matt C. Read their blogs and follow their updates. These are the ones you should be listening to, and not those “so-called” search engine optimization experts you have stumbled upon in some flimsy SEO forums.

Check out this website all about SEO.  It is a good idea to gather as much information as possible to help you along your optimizing journey.

  1. Link spamming. This activity involves Black Hat SEO and part of Black Hat SEO is cloaking, paid links, stuffed anchor tags, and doorway pages. Another activity that connects to link spamming is posting links on blogs or websites that are unrelated to your niche. Usually these are done on forum sites, blog comments, and even the article itself. Once the reader clicks on a link, the link redirects the reader to spammed sites, which are generally banned by Google for not following Panda and Penguin updates. If you associate with these activities, then you should be expecting the impending death of your website.
  2. Forgetting to connect the content to social media sites. Social media and search engine optimization work hand-in-hand. So, do not limit your posts only on one site; rather, you should use social media platforms to extend the visibility of your blog or website. These platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Befriend those people who are in the same boat as you and reach out to them by posting valuable stuff. Surely, these people will be the ones who will market your goods through word-of-mouth, likes, and shares.
  3. Poor user experience. You cannot blame yourself for being a beginner in the world of search engine optimization, but as someone who doesn’t have enough experience handling SEO-friendly websites, you should avoid listening to unauthorized and self-proclaimed SEO experts. These are the ones who tell you to rely on ads, spun articles, and spammy links to gain traffic.

Remember that SEO is not all about links and keywords; it is also about the meticulous process of how you produce the content.



Getting Real With Selling Your House

If you own real estate, chances are you’ve given thought to selling it.  Whether the goal is a big payday or simply downsizing, peddling your house can be a bigger chore than you anticipated.

Potential home-buyers are like a fickle friend.  They’ll cause you to check your email and phone messages in vain most days.  Then when they show up, you have to bend over backwards to cater to their every whim and fancy.  A little planning ahead will save you the scurrying when they do pay a visit.  Selecting a good Real Estate agent will have a big impact on how this process goes.  Check out this article on selecting a good agent.

The exterior of your sale house is of the utmost importance. It is the first impression that a potential buyer will get when they come for a home visit.  You will want to put added emphasis on building your home’s “curb appeal.”  That is to say, make it look good from the street.

Your home’s interior is the bread and butter of a good impression.  While it will not have quite the lasting impact of a striking exterior, it had better live up to the buyer’s expectation or there will be no sale.  Bright and cheery is always the motif of choice when decorating to impress.  Open those curtains if it’s daytime and make sure all the light fixtures work for night showings.

Many sellers decide that a for sale sign means it’s time to bust out the paint cans.  There is nothing wrong with putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, but use common sense.  Under no circumstances should you paint the walls using the colors of your favorite ball team, unless their uniforms are beige.  Keep color schemes muted and neutral; you’re not trying to make fashion statements with this. You might be able to get some tips from this Real Estate agent on LinkedIn.

The single most vital room of any home is the kitchen, bar none.  This space is the very nerve center of the modern home.  Food is important to Americans, so this should come as no surprise.  Consider updating kitchen cabinets and fixtures at the very least to give the room a facelift.

If the food-introducing room is number one, the food-exiting room is number two.  The bathroom should not be overlooked in a home that’s for sale.  Make sure it does not look like it belongs on the set of Leave it to Beaver.  Most first-time home buyers have never seen a single episode.

The game plan for the rest of your home is accentuating the positives.  If you have a big garage with a custom stone floor, clean it out so buyers can marvel.  Reading nooks should look cozy and inviting.  Hardwood flooring should be cleaned and polished.

Pricing your home for sale can be a tricky proposition.  You want to get the fair market value for your long-term investment.  However, the longer a house sits unsold, the more you’ll have to spend in marketing and maintenance.  So find a price that’s a bit higher than you expect lto sell for and be willing to negotiate. Consult your local Real Estate agent for help with this.

Now you’re ready for that open house!  Take a deep breath and revel in the fact that you are prepared to sell your home.  Then you’ll be able to take a break from the real estate market, until you start looking to buy!




Trucking… Are you sure you can handle it?

Truck DrivingTruckers and their jobs are universal.  A recent batch of reality shows breathlessly depicts the trials and terrifying tribulations of semi drivers the world over.  Some drive multi-ton mammoths on frozen lakes.  Others negotiate hairpin switchbacks while staring down thousand-foot cliffs.  These big rig operators have proved time and again that truck driving is not for the faint of heart.

Certainly not all dangerous trucking jobs will land the driver a starring role on the History Channel, but the pay might help compensate for that inflated life-insurance premium.  Truck driving is a perilous way to make a living.  Occupational data has shown over the years that joining the transport business could lead to a shortened life expectancy.  Who would have thought that positioning yourself in front of 50 tons of cargo while careening down curvaceous mountain corners at 70 miles-per-hour could be hazardous?

Of course, not all local jobs truck driving are the stuff of Hollywood.  There are plenty run-of-the-mill contracts to be had at coal mines and natural gas wells from sea to polluted sea.

Stereotypically, semi drivers take extended trips across the country and hole up at truck stops and roadside diners.  However, the vast majority of transportation specialists labor within a three county radius.  A plethora of public services and local businesses are in need of expert drivers.  Many of these short-haul gigs pay as well or better than the cross-country expeditions.

Ponder the pools of pollution excreted from hydraulic fracturing operations.  All that waste water has to go somewhere.  And giant gas companies are willing to fork over mountains of money just to see it roll off their books.  Aspiring truck drivers take note: high paying jobs at natural gas sites come with a plethora of pee tests.

Local trucking jobs abound at the municipality or county sanitation and road service centers.  Northern cities require a task force of drivers to disseminate de-icing agent and plow the snow from roadways.  Trash men, I mean to say, sanitation workers are required to have a commercial driver’s license if they drive the collection truck.  All types of burgs and boroughs need heavy truck drivers during road construction season.

Private companies involved in all nature of nearby negotiating require personnel with commercial driving ability.  Logging outfits are teeming with teamsters hauling hardwood and conifers.  Construction sites are wanting willing workers who will work with 18-wheelers.  The dairy industry also depends on diligent drivers doing daily deliveries.

Back to the Smokey and the Bandit trucking model for a moment.  Sure, some truckers prefer the long and lonely road to local routes.  The key attribute of a distance driver is one’s ability to stay awake.  Sounds easy, right?  Bring along plenty of caffeine for that San Francisco-to-Chicago haul that is due in 48-hours.

Truckers are quick-witted creatures out of necessity.  They are driven to maximum levels of concentration on a daily basis.  Their lives and the lives of fellow motorists depend on their resourcefulness and rapid decision-making.

Habitually under-appreciated, truckers the world over are coming into their own.  Locally as well as globally, they are in high demand.